Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delta, Meet OKC

A few weeks ago, the Paper of Record reported* the impending demise of FAB's Air Travel Theorem. Dutch airline KLM recently launched the "Meet and Seat" program, allowing flyers to hand select their own seatmates based on available information from their Linked In or Facebook profiles. Being able to prescreen potential seatmates will presumably increase the likelihood that you'll actually be seated next to someone you'd actually want to be seated next to, like, say, your future spouse. Or at least next to someone hot. What could possibly go wrong?

Although unfortunately, Meet and Seat would do nothing to prevent this sort of horror, all in all, FAB would welcome the proliferation of similar programs across all the major air carriers. (Frequent near-typos have brought to our attention that we would also welcome the proliferation of Meat and Seat programs.) But even if we don't meet the future Mr./Dr./Sir Fat Asian Baby on the next LGA to ATL, applying the online shopping-ish free market forces of online dating to air travel (or train travel!) will surely lead to hilarity. Or at the very least, a pretty good story.

*BTW, New York Times, if you're asking, yes. Yes, I would like to sit next to Mario Lopez. Thanks.

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